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Story of Separation – Reestablishing the balance

In the past, I often felt 'wrong'. Somehow different and not belonging. Competition, for example, was alien to me. I actually preferred to work with others and find solutions together, rather than overtaking my colleagues and working towards the next promotion. It wasn't until the last four years after leaving my corporate job that I really began to understand where the feeling of 'being wrong' actually came from, and it wasn't until the last few months that it became very concrete for me ...

In Laura Storm's Regenerative Leadership Journey, I became aware that every human being, regardless of gender, carries both feminine and masculine qualities in varying degrees. So men can also have more feminine qualities and vice versa. I realized that my masculine qualities were more valued in the corporate world. Performance, competition, assertiveness. My female qualities such as collaboration, empathy, caring were less important. This imbalance created a feeling of imbalance. Of being 'wrong. It wasn't until I became self-employed that I was able to bring my feminine parts back to the forefront. I learned that I have a choice.

This imbalance is part of the 'Story of Separation'. The story has grown historically, among other things through patriarchy and the supremacy of men or male qualities in human history so far. Thus it is responsible for many of the problems we currently have on the planet, especially the environmental problems caused by the transgression of planetary boundaries. It has long been apparent that we would need more feminine qualities such as collaboration at eye level and compassion to work together to develop creative solutions for a good future for us all. Alone, we simply aren't moving fast enough.

But it is not only the imbalance between masculine and feminine qualities that explains the challenging situation we currently find ourselves in. There are other imbalances as well:

  • Man vs. nature: The idea that man is not part of nature, but can rise above nature.

  • Inside vs. outside: The focus on acting on the outside and the loss of connection to one's core being and feelings

  • Left vs. right brain: The imbalance between using the analytical, structural skills and the creative, playful parts in the working world

So far so good, but what do we actually do as Twins For Change to bring the poles back into balance?

  • We go into 1-2 minute silences before workshops and meetings to arrive at peace and connect with our creative potential.

  • We spend more and more time in nature, e.g. on vacation or even during work when creating concepts.

  • We try to pause again and again in everyday life and give space to the question: How am I doing right now (really)?

  • We only accept clients who are willing to work at eye-level and with whom we enjoy working together.

  • We leave more room for our creativity by taking inspiration from other topics, e.g. from nature.

  • We are just starting to go more into nature with clients, e.g. in nature coaching

  • We are making time to participate in Laura's Regenerative Leadership Journey and are exploring topics such as Circular Design Thinking and the Inner Development Goals.

Twin-Tip: If you want to read more about "The story of separation", we recommend this Youtube video.

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