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Books and articles

With our books and articles we want to inspire you on the topics of New Working, New Learning and New Living .

Live Online Training as Plan A

The book 'Live Online Training as Plan A' gives experienced trainers and L&D professionals concrete starting points, which mindset and which factors make a high-quality live online training. It offers a practical guide and accompanies the reader from the clarification of the initial situation over the didactic and technical preparation to the implementation of the live online training. The reader learns which specific tools and skillset are required and how to succeed in establishing a deep connection with the participants that is in no way inferior to the physical experience.


"Lost in ..." digitization

Digitization has far-reaching effects on almost every area of life, including the education sector. In our book article 'The future of digital learning using the example of the virtual 3D environment AULA', we show which technology trends currently have the most influence and how they will affect learning in the future. Then, using the concrete example of a pilot training at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, we go into how a training in virtual 3D space can be structured in terms of content and didactics and derive success factors for the development as well as advantages of virtual trainings.

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