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Be the change you wish for yourself in this world.


The twins


Meine beruflicher Werdegang:

  • Zertifizierter Natur-Coach

  • Zertifizierter Purpose-Coach

  • Trainerin & Facilitatorin im Bereich Future Skills

  • Hochschuldozentin an der Hochschule Fresenius & Uni Köln für Design Thinking und New Work

  • 12 Jahre in unterschiedlichen DAX Unternehmen im In- und Ausland im Bereich Ideenmanagement und Unternehmenskommunikation


for a new world of life and work.

We see that a change is needed. We know that everyone can make a difference. And we believe that we can achieve more TOGETHER. This conviction shapes our cooperation and our passion for a new world of life and work. A world in which people can grow, develop and create.


We accompany our customers on their way - with trainings, coachings, impulse sessions and sparring offerings in the areas of new work, new learning and new living.


Our offer


New Ways of Working

for a people-centered, agile working environment

New Ways of Learning

for a sustainable, exciting learning experience

New Ways of Living

for a meaningful,

fullfilling life

That's what our customers say

Anne Koch managed to get me excited about design thinking in a very short time. The way she combines theory with practice and teaches the process in a playful way - and you don't notice how time flies - makes her the ideal trainer for me.

Canan Celik, RWTH Aachen


We look forward to hearing from you.

+49 177 866 4567

+49 159 0167 4864

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