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The twins

Together for a new world of life and work

We see that a change is needed. We know that everyone can make a difference. And we believe that we can achieve more TOGETHER. This conviction shapes our cooperation and our passion for a new world of life and work. A world in which people can develop, grow and create.


Wilma Hartenfels

The Digital Nomad

I am passionate about creating a new world of learning and working in which innovative digital technologies are used without loosing focus on people. I advise our customers on how to creatively design effective blended learning concepts and innovative digital learning formats. I take away people's fear of new technologies and encourage them to get started quickly while having fun. In addition to the focus on digital, I accompany people and teams in their search for their purpose.


As a digital nomad, I currently live a very flexible and location-independent lifestyle. People who know me refer to me as a 'living prototype' for their own development planning. This is because I have always given myself and others a lot of space for further development. On my way through the corporate world in functions such as sales, supply chain, employer branding & recruiting, personnel development and digital learning. Through my passion for languages, my love for books and discovering new cultures.


During my time in the corporate world, I got to know both the positive aspects and the challenges of fixed structures and processes. The time was incredibly valuable to me. At the same time, I believe that the world needs something new today. A kind of (self-) conscious organization of work and private life. The responsibility for the future of our world rests with each and every one of us.


Anne Koch

The (New) Working Mom

I believe in a new world of life and work in which people can tap their full potential through more personal responsibility, meaning, creative freedom and continuous training. No matter if in job or in the personal area. Next to my job as a trainer, initiator and sparring partner at Twins for Change, I am a freelance lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences for New Work and Design Thinking.

As a mother of two small children, I have been balancing between family, home and job for a number of years. I have realized for myself that I am only good when I take time out and a work environment that appeals to me. With a cozy, motivating  atmosphere . With people who inspire me. And with topics that fascinate me. In following the danish concept of "Hygge"; o)

My longtime experience in large companies in Germany and  abroad has shown me very often what rigid hierarchies, long decision-making paths and a lack of sustainable training opportunities can do to people. I am convinced that we have to go a new way. And I want to be an active part of this change.  For myself and for other people. Because I know what doesn't work anymore. And because I have a vision of what could work better. Without being dogmatic. Without having a recipe for every challenge. Because every situation is different, is individual. That is why my approach is to continuously look at new topics to develop individual solutions for our customers.  

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