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Spoiled for choice? - The path to a mosaic career

Sometimes it's hard to decide. Would you rather have a secure job or realize your own ideas in self-employment? And which idea should it be? Do you have to focus on one topic or can there be several at the same time?

Time and again, we also come to the point of asking ourselves whether we need more focus, whether the clearly chosen path would not be more purposeful than vacillating back and forth.

Focus can have many advantages. It conserves your resources, provides more depth and less uncertainty. At first glance. Because often focus also leads to "in the box" thinking, while nowadays "out of the box" is more in demand. And aren't curiosity and getting involved the basis for personal growth and innovative ideas?

Who says it has to be the one job, the one topic? You decide for yourself what suits you best. Maybe you are more of a swimmer than a diver! There are many examples of successful mosaic careers, in which people pursue different passions and, along the way, find the balance they lack in a traditional career. A former colleague of ours, for example, returned to the company after several years of self-employment and works as a coach on the side. With Twins for Change, we ourselves have different footholds, both virtual and physical, as well as thematic:

  • On the one hand, we feel the need to work innovatively. That's why we are working on new learning formats, such as 3D learning as well as virtual blended learning journeys.

  • At the same time, our heart beats for direct human contact. That's why we also offer physical Purpose Coaching, for example.

  • Through our offerings in the area of New Work, we can play a very active role in shaping the new world of work.

  • And our collaboration with universities enables us to pass on what we are passionate about to the next generation.

In this way, stone by stone is coming together to form a great whole.

Think about it:

  • Does your job fill you up?

  • What needs should your job fulfill?

  • Are there additional topics that are close to your heart?

  • Could you imagine pursuing these in parallel?

  • How much time would you need for this and what requirements would have to be met?

And always remember:

"Every mosaic, no matter how large, begins with the first stone."

Twin tip: In the spirit of agile working, think of it as an experiment. Once a decision is made, it doesn't have to be for eternity. On the contrary, if you have several mainstays, it is easier for you to keep reorienting yourself, to leave out one or the other and to dare something new.

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