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Inspire the Future - Utopias for a regenerative future

At the future conference as part of the "Inspire the Future" workshop organized by the think tank Reinventing Society, I was bursting with words. The task was to develop my own utopia and present it in a talk (note for anyone interested ;o): You can find my entire talk at the end of this post).

Why was this so easy for me? Me, who doesn't necessarily shout "HERE" when it comes to standing on a stage? On reflection, I realized that the task of creating a positive future scenario had inspired me to grow beyond myself. I realized how rarely I had been involved in positive narratives about the future of the world and how often negative beliefs dominate our narratives of the future (e.g. "In old age we will have less pension and be poorly cared for" or "In view of all the environmental disasters, it is clear that the world can no longer be saved").

In times of crisis, we need narratives about the future that support us and give us direction. Utopias have the potential to use the power of our creativity to paint a picture of tomorrow that becomes deeply rooted in our thoughts and influences our actions. The dominant social narratives are mostly dystopian in nature. We automatically assume that the future looks bleak. But fear and stress restrict our field of vision and block important resources. If, on the other hand, we focus on a desirable future, our energy levels change. We think in terms of possibilities instead of being trapped in an endless one-way street. REAL-utopias help us to take existing approaches and ideas further and take them to the next level.

Visualizing images of the future is helpful in developing utopias (e.g. see the German book "Zukunftsbilder 2045" by Reinventing Society) or creative writing in the context of meditation. Take a look at the Reinventing Society toolbox (available only in German, but for the English version of the methods, simply copy the text to a translation tool, e.g. deepl). There are great methods for developing a utopian mindset, designing and realizing utopias.

Twin tip: You can also develop utopias in nature. For example, start with the "Utopian Island" method and then use natural materials to visualize your utopias. At the end, you can present your utopias in a gallery walk and inspire each other.


My personal contribution to the Future Conference:

"I believe in a world...

in which people live in community,

in which everyone helps each other and "mine" is also "yours",

in which co-creation and participation are lived.

I believe in a world...

in which people absorb knowledge and new ideas

and in which they pass on the flame of inspiration.

I believe in a world...

in which we live in harmony with nature and

in which natural spaces are used for spinning shared visions, learning, recreation and self-sufficiency.

I believe in a world...

In which individualism and community are not mutually exclusive.

I believe in a world...

in which our children, with all their talents, are nurtured and cared for like little plants,

and in which appreciation, authenticity, respect, trust and self-efficacy are taught and practiced

and where courage is rewarded.

I believe in a world in which all this and so much more is possible.

I have been in such a world. I have seen it with my own eyes and embraced it with an open heart.

It was a glimpse into the future and at the same time so much of it is already there, even here, even now.

Hence my wish for you:

Open yourselves to the wonders of the world. Be like a sponge that soaks up everything and develop your own utopia for yourself, for your children and for the whole world. In the spirit of Charles Eisenstein:

"The more beautiful world our hearts knows is possible."

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