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Living your purpose - Developing as a human being in a complex world

Are you also often overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities? Every decision costs you an extreme amount of energy? And somehow it all doesn't feel right after all?

Today more than ever, we need a guiding star to help us find orientation. Gone are the days when our life choices were fixed from childhood on. Society accepts different ways and models of life. As good as that sounds, it makes things more complicated. After all, more options don't always mean more satisfaction.

In order to make use of the many possibilities, to develop yourself and thus to contribute to the solution of the big problems of this world, you must first recognize your uniqueness.

But what actually makes you a unique person? Your potential based on your very own purpose, your very own 'why'. Finding your 'why' also means responsibility: it forces you to define who you want to be in the new world and how you can use your potential to shape it.

How do you find your potential and your purpose? First of all, this is a lifelong process. As with everything, it is most important to take the first step.

Therefore, set out on the path and start small. In the beginning, take 20-30 minutes to ask yourself the following 5 questions:

  • What comes so easily to you that it doesn't feel like work?

  • What excites you and brings you into a state of flow in which time seems to stand still?

  • What problems in the world hurt you the most?

  • What do people around you need so much that they would pay for it?

  • One sentence: What distinguishes you as a unique person?

The combination of the answers to these questions will bring you quite a bit further.

Twin tip: Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees yourself. Ask your friends and colleagues to write you what they appreciate about you. This is also a great motivation booster ;-)

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