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The adventure of our generation - Taking small steps toward a better world

'This is our adventure.' Frédéric Laloux

I myself am a big fan of Frédéric Laloux. Yes, this is the man who wrote the incredibly inspiring book 'Reinventing Organizations'. However, this blog post is about Frédéric's new project 'The Week', which he launched together with his wife Hélène about 2 years ago.

In 'The Week', the two are developing a playbook for a better world. The first prototype consists of a series of three one-hour videos in which Frédéric and his wife take groups of people on a journey together into the depths of our planet's crisis, while highlighting larger and smaller solutions.

When I participated in 'The Week' with a group of six colleagues over the past three weeks, I was very touched, despite the countless documentaries I'd seen before. Among other things, I realized: there is no authority who can assure us that we will overcome this crisis. No one knows how far we will fall. And at the same time, without doubt there is no alternative for each and every one of us but to use our unique skills to contribute to the solutions. While the generations before us had to face other great challenges, this is our own personal adventure.

Many will say: But then we will have to give up so much that is important to us! Frédéric and Hélène make it clear that most of our renunciation is in the area of consumption, which does not make us happy anyway. Never before have there been so many depressions and burnouts like now. The 'Story of More', the pursuit of more, is making us sick. We have a great opportunity to use this crisis to create a better world, where people can live in harmony with themselves and with nature, and in connections to their own potential. So we have a lot to gain.

What can you do now, specifically:

Become part of The Week and sign up here for the next free run-through we're organizing in September with colleagues from The People Network for people from our diverse networks (videos in English language, discussions in German).

Twin-Tip: If you already want to get some concrete ideas on how you can make our world a little bit better, have a look here at our Impact Board, which I created together with The Purpose Network.

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